07Dec 2014

Perhaps the most difficult challenge in teaching is looking at how specifically it is used to move the church herself into Spiritual maturity over time. All teaching approaches, from topical to Bible-book studies to series based, needs a purpose and goal beyond simple information. Knowledge that does not lead to action creates pious human spiritual […]

07Dec 2012

Worse than being used by politicians, Christians diminish God by aligning Him with partisan preferences. Baptizing complex party platforms with religious vernacular makes our position synonymous with God’s position. A simple legislative proposal, for instance, can be framed in such a way that a “true Christian” could not oppose it. Whether intended or not, dragging […]

26Apr 2012

As a minister, I fight off the urge to critique other churches when visiting them; as a journalist, I can’t. One thing I’ve noticed when visiting around, particularly in the metro-Atlanta area, is the near parity between their environments, language, and ministry approaches. It’s as if some hyper-hipster blueprint exists that the average worshipper is […]

01Jan 2012

News does not need to be negative, though often we make it so. The challenges the United States has faced in recent years economically and culturally has resulted in an undercurrent of negativism that is palpable to many in this nation. Despite the eternal hope we have in Christ, Christians as a group in the […]

15Sep 2011

As of mid-2011, about 25% of adults in North America have a smart phone. That number is expected to rise to more than half the country over the next three years. The idea of having some practical functionality in your pocket to help you in ministry is very real. At Dr. Merritt’s church, our key […]

16Jul 2011

Pastors Edge is among several sermon resources available online. Our goal is to give you as a pastor excellent, biblical, timely content that can be adapted to your preaching style and congregation. Because of widely varied education, experience and preparation time among the thousands of Pastors who prepare a weekend message, sermons from expositors like […]

16Jul 2011

Every pastor should have one thing in common, both personally and professionally: a passion for reading.  I know of no other profession or vocation where reading and staying current with the culture is more vitally important than the modern day pastorate. This means we do a whole lot of reading! (I am assuming that those […]

22Apr 2011

It’s 2011 and the United States is in hard times. High unemployment, combined with poor government policy, has mired the nation in economic woes. As members lose benefits, jobs, even their homes, many churches have also fallen on difficult days financially. I’ve written about this before, and have received many requests to write more and […]