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  • Relationship Healing

    Please pray for my girlfriend and I as we go through this very difficult time…pray that God reveals His will to us in our situation and that He provides us the strength and courage to carry out that will in all circumstances…pray that we are not blinded by the world, the schemes and deception of satan, or our own selfishness…pray that God provides patience and understanding in all moments, and that we continue to build a relationship with God in the center…pray that God will speak through those around us, the things in our everyday lives, our minds, our eyes, and most importantly our hearts…pray that God would renew our love daily for Him, but that God would also renew the Love in our relationship, and that this be the same Love that God shows us, and that this Love will trump all temptation and doubt that tries to present itself…most importantly pray that God use our relationship to spread His Love and that we always place His will above our own…thank you and God Bless

  • Pray for healing

    Please pray for my physical problems to be be taken away and also my daughter will have shoulder surgery on the 11th. Pray that will be a success and no more surgeries required to fix her problem. Also pray her depression will be taken away!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Prayer Request

    Peace in America and the world.
    Hurricane ...people in their paths.
    Healing health issue in family.
    Those seeking employment

  • Where does God need me to be

    I've been in my present nursing management job for 18 years and changes have taken the joy out of my position. I pray for Gods' help everyday on the way to work. My situation keeps worsening. I feel God is telling me that it's time for me to move on. I need prayer for guidance to go to a place where God needs me to be.

  • Healing

    I am suffering from high blood pressure and the current medicine that I am taking does not seem to work. Thank You for praying for me! To God be all Glory and Honor and Praise and Thanksgiving! With Best Wishes: Steven Nygaard

  • Healing

    Friend is in need of prayer for healing.

  • Healing

    Could you pray for my 3 sisters they have been drinking alchol almost all their adult life and now they are becoming sick Mentally and Phycially. I need someone to agree in faith. Thank you and God Bless . . .

  • Prayer

    Please pray a total touch from God in Christ Jesus name amen

  • Healing from back pain

    Please pray for me as I am experiencing severe and excruciating back pain from a motor vehicle accident from almost 20 years ago.

  • Husband's health

    My husband will be having his atrial ablation October 2. Please pray that he will be completely healed of his atrial fibrillation after his surgical procedure.

  • Please pray

    I have been diagnosed with brain cancer which is not curable by man's standards.....but am asking for prayer for healing.

  • defeated

    Please pary for me I feel defeated, lonely, frustrated. Everything has turned dark. I am hopeless without direction. I feel my soul sad ant tied. So deppressed without answers. I am so tire of all of my life. I pray and nothings happens.

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