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  • Prayers needed

    Please help me pray for my almost 16year old son. He is filled with so much anger, disrespect. Lord I’m scared. I pray every night and it seems like everyday is just getting worst. I don’t know what more to do. I don’t want to lose my son. He’s suppose to be a role model for his two younger brothers however he’s setting a bad example for them. He needs your help and guidance Lord. Show him it’s much easier living for you each and everyday and he needs to respect his parents and their rules.

  • Tropical Storm

    Please pray that the tropical storm forming in the Gulf doesn't hit Houston, TX.

  • For my granddaughter

    My granddaughter is having surgery on her eyes Wednesday to correct muscles behind her eyes she’s only 6 yrs old. They have to do this in another state . My son and my daughter in law are very worried and we are too . She will also have to keep bandages over her eyes for a while . Please pray for them thank you

  • prayer

    i need a total turn around in every area of my life. Deliver me from every form of operation of the devil concerning my finance . my future

  • Surgery

    Surgery July 12 I’ll be having a procedure for a neural stimulator replacement implant I’m believing the Lord for complete success and healing i’ve been dealing with Parkinson’s neuropathy and fibromyalgia but I believe I’m healed and waiting on the manifestation of my healing and the success of this new implant the Lord is my everything he is my all in all I love Jesus shalom

  • Clean Water Mission Trip to Costa Rica

    Prayer & Praise -- Please pray for mine and my husband's clean water mission to the mountains of Costa Rica, July 22nd thru 29th. Praise the Lord who will help us to get these three projects set up and working so the area people will have clean water now instead of diseased water. What a glorious task in front of us. AMEN! and PRAISE GOD!

  • Exam

    Please declare and decree that my granddaughter is successful in passing the teacher certification exam Tuesday, July 9th at 2pm. Pray that she is able to recall information she's studied and that the Holy Spirit will give her insight where she lack the knowledge. I thank God for you and all prayer warriors.

  • Prayer for fiance's alchohol addiction

    Prayer for finance

  • My son

    Recovering from major heart attack.
    He Has a sever wound on his foot from work injury for four years.
    He is fighting with workmans comp for payments and care and a possible settlement.
    He needs a double portion of faith.
    He is 68

  • I keep relapsing

    I desperately need prayer to quit falling for the devil's attacks on me regarding drinking alcohol....I keep falling down over and over. Also I need prayers for finances....getting a place to live that I can afford. A Christian mate.
    Thank you! Love your sermons!

  • healing

    I'm asking for prayer for healing for a chronic abdominal pain I've been dealing with. I've dealt with chronic pain for the last 20 years and most days its bearable but occasionally it gets unbearable. Appreciate your prayers.

  • prayer

    Prayer for healing and strength in her legs and to be able to walk on her cane.

  • prayer

    Prayer for brother in laws mother who is in a nursing home and can't take care of her self.

  • healing

    prayer for little boy hurt by firecracker

  • Depression

    Please pray for my husband as he is battling depression

  • Save my marriage

    Heavenly Father I pray for my marriage and return my husband back home. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  • In Hospital

    My wife is in ICU and had to be revived after her heart stopped. Please pray that she does not have brain damage and for complete recovery. She has been struggling with health issues for several months. Thank you

  • Prayer

    My son is 37 years old and suffers from anxiety and depression. He is a recovering drug addict. He has been clean for 9 years but will not sleep at night and will only go to bed when it is daylight.

  • Protection

    Grandson is not in good health and needs surgery.

  • wife's shoulder

    My wife has severe shoulder pain for a few months. Doctor says she has a partial tear on a tendon and problems where the nerves fo thru her shoulder. She has a very hard time sleeping because of the pain.
    Thank you for your prayer!


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