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  • Restless Leg

    I pray that my restless leg syndrome would go away so that I can just go back to sleep.

  • Divorce

    My husband has filed for divorce. We have been separated for two months. We have 3 children all in high school. Pray for Softened hearts, healed hearts, trust to begin. Communication to begin. Pray that eyes will be open to Gods truth through scripture. Pray that my husband is in the scripture searching Gods word. I am being biblically counseled through our church counselor. Husband is being counseled outside our church by a woman who claims to be faith based counseling. I'd ask that God would love and bless my husband, draw him near to Him and that his heart would conform to be more like Jesus. Pray that we both will be humbled and teachable. I also pray that all our decisions will glorify God.

  • Wisdom about going to church tomorrow

    Please prayer for wisdom for attending church tomorrow. and for an inspection that is coming up shortly.

  • Asking for help

    Hello and thank you to all with this request. I have never reached out like this before but I felt compelled to ask for help. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with MS or multiple sclerosis. A condition that effects the central nervous system and the immune system apparently the 2 most complicated systems in the body. I has greatly effected my ability to walk. There are many things I can no longer do but I would be grateful to have prayers for my situation. I would also be grateful for prayers that I focus on living a life as Christ intended us to live. Thank you so much for the prayers I truely love you and am grateful for the opportunity of your prayers.
    May God bless you,

  • Distractions

    prayer to stay focused on Jesus and eyes on the cross

  • Deliverance

    Pray for Gods deliverance from hearing voices and walk by faith not by sight

  • Need God's continued intervention

    I need God's continued intervention and grace in my current catastrophic situation. I thought that the problem had been resolved, but now I'm unsure and am very scared. I am asking for a miracle.

    He has provided me with the support and love of 5 wonderful people to help me here on Earth. God is almighty!!

  • Healing

    Please pray for my granddaughter's healing. She is having a sickle cell crisis right now. Thanks

  • Prayer for peace of mind.

    Please pray for my peace of mind that I don't let satan keep attacking me with worry and all the ill's that come along. I am a saved Christian and I know the Lord is always there for me but I go back and forth up and down thinking that my salvation is in jeopardy when I know it's not! May God Bless you and your ministry.

  • Quit Smoking

    I pray that the Lord deliver me from my addiction to smoking.

  • Our to pray for healing

    I'm 57 with 3 back surgeries behind me. I'm in cronic pain. Because of being bedridden so much I read my bible daily, I research, study, listen to sermons. I haven't been able to sit in church for quiet sometime but I'm determined to get back soon. Why cant I get through this pain? How do I pray to get through it? I want to get up, get out and be part of worship..

  • Job situation

    I am self employed and need prayer.

  • Prayer for Healing

    Please Pray for a co-workers dad JC Herrington, who had a Massive Heart Attack and is in critical condition in Odessa Texas.

  • My ship wrecked life

    My only child,was killed
    And I feel punished by GOD..
    nothing is right..I am alone..
    No prospering...Life is just survival

  • Strength in the Lord

    Please pray my strength in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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