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  • Miracle

    Please pray that God gives my daughter wisdom while deciding on a job opportunity that has just presented itself. Please pray for my friend's mother who is fighting mental issues and thoughts of suicide. Pray for a miracle for her to get back to normal. Please pray that God restores peace and love to her family and that they seek God and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior -- they need a miracle. Please pray for my family -- Albert, Alaina, Nicole, Matt, Cecilia, Michael and his family, Marco, Jim and the delivery man from WB Mason who delivers our supplies to our office-- that they all come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and be born again. Thank you.

  • Closer to God

    Prayer to have a closer walk with God and a peace of mind

  • Healing

    Pray for healing for daughter suffering from sickle cell, her name is Alise.

  • Miss

    Physical healing for my Dad. Stage 3 kidney disease, a hernia and a mass was found, doctors believe he has pancreatic cancer. They are confirming the report with another colonoscopy. Thank you!

  • Prayer

    Strength wisdom make wise decisions with the Lord. May I find a good church to attend on a daily basis.

  • Future

    My family and I live in New Bern NC. I attended seminary at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC; where I first heard Dr. Merritt preach. For the last 2 years I listen to his sermons every week. It is always a rich blessing. My family and I are in transition and have to make some important decisions regarding our future employment and location in which we will serve. We covet your prayers. We want to be where God wants us to be and want to be sure of it. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Restoration

    Pray for spiritual needs and restoration. Pray for all my belongings that were stolen to be returned.

  • Miracle Needed

    Prayer for friend in the hospital with brain injury and can barely move . Prayer for a miracle to restore her back to complete health. prayers for comfort for her family as well

  • Relationship

    Prayer that in my relationship with my friend that he doesn't take advantage of me and if it is not in God's will that we be together that the Lord would just remove him.

  • Protetcion

    Pray for physical and spiritual protection especially at night and in the early morning.

  • Cancer

    Lump in breast and doesn't want it be cancerous

  • I need my miracle and I'm believing God

    I need a miracle. I need several miracles in my life. For 25 years, I have been praying for several miracles to be answered by God! It seems that some things we need, need to be prayed for & believed for.

  • Prayer Requests

    To be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to please God and follow in His ways.

  • Work

    Currently struggling with heavy loads assignment and making through proby status at work. Am expected to be able to handle job without a Trainor in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your prayers. My son and husband also currently having health issues and also needing my time. Pls pray for my family. We all boost our faith each day at family blessing of meals and recorded teaching of Dr Merritt. Thank you for the strong Spiritual support we most need.

  • Healing

    Pray for my family that needs a healing

  • Prayers in general

    Pray for healing and recovery from the effects of COPD. Pray also that God would bring me closer to Jesus and God's Word, that I would trust Him and love him.

  • My Brother In Law was told last night he had a very aggressive type of Liver Cancer with 1-4 months to live.

    Please pray for his healing who received the bad news last night on Cancer in his liver. He has been religiously to his doctors and in the hospital and it wasn't found until now. He lost his wife, my sister, last June. Please pray for his healing and peace and comfort for him, his three sons, his family, and my three nieces and our family. We have been hit really hard in the past couple years. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

  • Daughter

    Pray for daughter's homosexuality

  • Prayer

    Looking for somewhere to live.

  • Son in Prison


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