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  • Depression

    Please pray for my 26 year-old daughter she suffers with anxiety, depression ... and of course it makes it hard for her to find a job and she's unemployed which makes the anxiety depression that much more. Jesus can heal her and I pray that He would intervene in her life.

  • health

    Pray for my healing - will be getting tests done at the doctor today, pray everything comes out fine.

  • Spiritual Awakening to the power of Our God

    Family is highly important to me. I'm struggling with family issues near and far. The relationships between members and myself are shaky. Family in STL are fighting within each other and I am being consulted for intervention assistance. It is impossible being over 800 miles away and not familiar with all the details of each member. Secondly, my family here is confusing. One of my four children have given their life to GOD. The other three claim they have but to what, I don't know based on their actions. I know that coming to GOD and accepting the gift of His son for our sins will relieve much of the static. This is also true for my family in STL. I pray that GOD pursues them so that they can see His light. I pray for the right words to help plant seeds. I pray that they come in contact with other true believers that plant seeds and give wise counsel. A gentle but effective bombardment of Christ's love and forgiveness for on them.

  • Draw closer to the Lord

    I have fallen away from the Lord. Please pray that as I seek Him again, He will fill me with joy and be glorified.

  • Healing and provision

    Thank you in advance for the prayers. I have a job interview tomorrow. I am in great need of a job as our bills are many. Also I have had pneumonia and can’t seem to get back to old self. No energy. Thank you.

  • A person wishing for death

    Pray for the peace that only Christ can bring fills the entire being of this individual. She is overcome with depression and ready to give up on life. Only Jesus can fill the void she carries. Please pray for a supernatural healing and realization of who God is.

  • Daughter

    I am a Pastor and I just found out that my 19 year old is pregnant. She and her boyfriend are thinking of moving in together. She has taught children and is on the praise team. I not sure how to handle this all. Please pray that God will show them wisdom and grace and that they will use this opportunity to surrender their lives to Him so that He can guide them as they bring a child into the world.

  • Healing and salvation

    Please pray for my husband and I for relief from pain in our bodies. It has affected our lives in so many ways. Then a week ago we were rear-ended in our car and this has added to our pain levels so much.

  • Health

    She is praying for a Alice for a healthy pregnancy and that her child's needs be met.

  • Mr.

    Prayers requested please. For my wife and I and our son. My wife, Catherine hasn't been praying as she should as well our son could use more time with God. So as I always do, I'm praying for all of us. Prayers also for a friend, Tammy Liner who has received unfavorable test results. Thanks.

  • strengthened faith

    Please pray that God will increase my faith in Him and that I will seek Him with all my heart. As I do this, please pray He will provide for the needs of me and my 3 children.

  • Heal a marriage/family

    Please pray, my son and daughter-in-law move toward reconciliation; God is working on them both. Comfort their 3 children, please, heal their family. Hearts and love are restored. God is able!

  • Mr

    He just woke up and wants to start his day off with peace

  • Joseph - cancer

    My brother was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2018. He will be having surgery on April 26, 2018 to remove the cancer. He is a true believer that God has already healed him.

  • God's presence

    Please pray for God's presence and peace over me as I face divorce and anxiety.

  • Guidance and strength

    Please pray for my son, Nick, during this difficult time in his young life. He struggles daily with anger, hurt and resentment. Pray that God will somehow glorify himself through the difficult period Nick is going through and draw him near.

  • Healing and salvation

    Healing and wholeness for my father, Hurdis, from diabetes as well as colorectal cancer that spread to his liver. Salvation for Stephen, Selwyn, Maurice, Marcus, Kadeem, Naisha, Gerard and Jon. Thank you and God bless your ministry!

  • Wife's spiritual state

    Prayers requested. My wife has been having questions of faith and won't pray with me on them. Thanks to Dr. Merritt and our Church for this wonderful website.

  • Healing in Lungs

    Please pray for healing for her, has COPD. Chest has a lot of fluid in it. Healing for her to have her lungs & bronchi to open up. Wants to be able to go back to church,. Hasn't been able to due to health issues.

  • Lower back and right hip

    Need healing of arthritis

Praise Reports


Praise Reports

  • Praise GOD!!!!! Praise Everyone who raised a prayer to GOD on behalf of my husband, Nathan, of 20 years. After Nathan's shunt operation in October of 2017, Nathan's low vision was unexpectedly cut in half. In December, his vision was making a gradual come back. Amen! We just received a full healing victory that was unexpected! Amen!

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