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  • Cancer

    A friend of mine young underage friend has been found with cancer in both lungs. We all know God can do anything especially heal those that are sick. Prayers requested please for his speedy recovery. Thanks

  • My Friend

    Prayer for healing and her family.

  • Healing

    My husband has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for a total and complete healing of his body from this terrible disease that affects so many. Also please pray for strength in our walk with God.

  • to Follow God

    Prayer to be obedient to God

  • prayer

    praying for protection and for elderly parents

  • Sleep

    Prayer for Sleep

  • Please pray

    I have severe depression, no job, running out of money, no future. I'm at the end of my rope, feeling suicidal. It's just my last hope. Please pray for me..
    Thank you

  • Job Help

    prayers for her job and financial blessing

  • Depression

    I am struggling with depression.

  • Asking for financial blessings

    Requested prayer as I am having financial trouble.

  • Communication

    Asking for prayer for myself and my family to communicate better and be closer to the LORD and each other.

  • Healing

    Asking prayer for healing in my leg. It is hard for me to walk.

  • Healing

    Asking prayer for total health and healing in my eyes. I want to thank God for healing my son Rocky from cancer.

  • Close to God

    pray for a closer walk with God and pray for my neighbors and also heal my body from cancer and will power to stop smoking

  • Healing

    Prayer for healing in my body.

  • finances and health

    need insurance case to go through

  • Prayer

    Prayer for a bad habit, eyes, and struggling with finances.

  • My Friend

    Please add Nancy to your prayer list. She has been to many doctors here in Indiana, and no one has an answer for her. She will be going to Mayo Clinic soon to see if the doctors there can help. She is very sick and needs prayer.

  • Prayer

    pray for income tax

  • Ohio

    Prays that my best friend is OK during her process of transitioning to the Lord.

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