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  • Need to be freed from mental anxieties, depression and hopelessness.

    My daughter has been a slave to mental anxieties, depression and hopelessness for almost all of her life. She is 39 now and feels totally empty of hope. She does not know the Lord and often blames God for all she has gone through. I often think that Satan has her captive to those thoughts. I am not strong enough to bind those thoughts but I know God is and have prayed for his help but we are still in the same place. I beg anyone and everyone to join with me to pray for her deliverance of these bonds that hold her captive. My faith is not big enough to make this happen but I know with your help and others God will hear and intervene before it is too late. I beg for your prayers.

  • Favor

    Prayer for a true christian youth director to be a true model for the students at her church.

  • Pornograhy

    Prayer for a blessed life to be restored. removed satanic addictions with porn. Healing for his liver.Removed the addiction of drugs and porn. Replace this bad habit with peace happiness and comfort. To be at peace with his own flesh and not of others. May he win the battle and war facing him.

  • Pornography

    pornography issues in his mind even though he stopped watching. lost his sister to diabetes. grandfather has dimensia, mother has thyroid issues as well as drinking, praying that mother gets saved and begins to live a better life. give him the strength to take care of them.

  • Prayer

    Prayer to be delivered from a spirit of perversion and to be delivered from watching porn.

  • prayer

    Pray to be able to get my mind straight on the Lord Jesus Christ, being able to have strength to stay away from Porn.

  • prayer

    Prayer for healing for my mom and for her arm to get better. For healing for myself and protection.

  • Please Please keep us in your prayers

    Please keep my family in your prayers. We have a 4 year old son with Autism who has school and therapy and Dr appts everyday. I stay at home with due to his schedule and babysitters don't work well with him. We just moved into a new house and had to get a new car due to our 21 yr car was unfixable. My fiancee just found out the other day he lost his job and that was our main source of income. I have faith God will help us through this and guide us in finding a way through this troubled time. If you could please keep my family in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless!

  • Prayer

    Pray for healing and a good report form the doctor.

  • Bi-vocational pastor struggles

    I need prayer, I am looking for the right church to pastor.

  • Peace and Confidence on Exam Taking Wednesday, October 18, 2017

    Please pray for my daughter that God gives her peace and confidence while taking her boards exam tomorrow. That the Holy Spirit will guide her when answering difficult questions. Pray that God allows her to pass the exam. Thank you!

  • My Request for Marriage

    I love and adore a girl and she is also a Christian and a daughter of a Pastor. we both were engaged and but due to some bad circumstances or our ignorance our engagement is broken by both of our parents. We both still love each other but our families made their hearts “hard”. I have FAITH in Lord Jesus Christ and I do pray for my family and for her family as well so that their hearts can be melt. But things are not working out, her parents our making her marriage with someone else. And you know that it felt to me like arrow hit me in my chest not feeling good at all. I love her and want her to be my wife, my only partner. Please pray for me. I am also praying. Please pray for me. Keep up the good work may Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  • Daughter with depression.

    My daughter has had mental depression for decades and she is so negative about everything. It is hard sometimes to even be around her without it rubbing off. I love my daughter but am at a loss to help. I have pleaded with God and he laid it on my heart that he will work on her. Now I didn't feel that he meant instant miracle and it is not going that way but I do feel he is moving. I know his timing is perfect but I just need to ask for prayer for myself to endure and wait for that timing. And I also need prayers for her deliverance from Satan's grasp. And prayers for her to be saved.

  • Son's healing.

    My son is having some medical issues and I am asking for prayers for healing from the God who heals all.

  • Daughter's marriage.

    My daughter and son-in-law are having problems in their marriage. My daughter is so stressed with her life, job, marriage that she is beside herself with what to do. I do pray for them to keep them as family but I know they need God to do that. My daughter is open but her husband is not. I pray to God that he will intervene in a way that will save this union and lead them and my granddaughter to Christ for the strength they need. Please pray for them.

  • Deliverance

    Deliverance from pornography.

  • Porn

    I heard the message today. Thank God someone is speaking against PORN. My 18-year-old grandson that lives with me is having that problem, it is really bad. He has a genetic disease, 22Q11 Deletion Syndrom. His 22nd chromosome in his body has missing pieces. I am requesting prayer for whole, complete chromosomes through his body. His behavior is classified as an 8-year-old.


  • Surgery

    I am requesting prayer for my brother and myself. My brother and I had a total knee replacement surgery. His surgery was on Tuesday and he is still in the hospital. I am requesting prayer for his strength and he becomes able to stand up. I am in therapy now and want prayer for a miraculous miracle of a quick recovery for both of us.

    Thanks and God bless you all.

  • prayer

    pray for blessings for neice and sister and older brother and financial blessing

  • Keeping the family home and good health and safety financial income Faith wisdom hope favor holy spirit joy peace.

    I'm asking for gods blessing for Faith wisdom hope favor holy spirit joy peace happy family home and to keep the family home and to pay off the family home and to pay off the family bills to good health and safety in jesus name Amen God bless Thank you jesus help God bless.

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