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  • prayer request

    pray for my grandson that when he goes to court that they will throw everything out and he won't have a record. and that he give his life to God now.

  • Prayers for back and surgery

    Pray as I have had several surgeries on my back and neck and need healing prayers and prayers for the surgery I am going to have. Healing to be able to work again and walk and be normal.

  • Financial challenges

    I am unemployed for over 4 Years.. please Pray that God will provide the financial of our FAMILY, and provide the Financial resources for me to WORK ONLINE from Home. We are all Christians, Walking with Jesus, fellowship in Different Biblical Churches.

  • Grandchild

    Has very low self esteem and bad things seem to follow him. His has had cancer, mom and dad separated. House fire.
    School peers seem to be smarter, best athletes, help him to see God is with him
    I pray for guidance for him, and for him not to go in the wrong direction. But to seek God for help.

  • prayer

    Protection guidance grace and favor for my son help him to have a personal relationship with God

  • Moms healing

    My mother needs healing from skin issues and diabetes.

  • Heart Surgery

    Please pray for my 72 year old cousin who has had a heart attack and needs bypass surgery as he has multiple blockages. He had a heart attack and surgery about 15 years ago as well. He is a very kind, loving Christian man. He is also a loyal follower of Dr. Merritt. Thank you; blessings to you all.

  • Family members salvation

    Please pray for salvation for my daughters, wife grandchildren, brothers, sister, son in laws and ex son in law.

  • prayer

    Prayer for finances and total body healing.

  • prayer

    Prayer for financial increase and financial blessing and open up the doors of opportunity for pt job. Spiritual enlightenment and restoration of the relationship between me and my mother.

  • prayer

    New office or computer Job and someone will contact him

  • Prayer Request

    Please pray with myself and my other brothers and sisters in Christ all in agreement that God the father heal my wife's health issue and improve her health as she is older now and has something really wrong and also her major credit issue that it be cleared up in Jesus name amen. Thank you very much.

  • Healing

    Please pray for fractures I have

  • Financial

    Please pray for my tuitions to have 100 higher class students.
    Also please pray for money to pay hospital bills and to pay off the debt.

  • Prayer Request

    Prayer for finances (property taxes) and relationship.

  • prayers

    her relationship and fiances

  • prayer

    need to have yard work done and to have heat in her home

  • Healing

    Daughter on her job who is being accused of something she did't do And her son for the same situation at his work. For them to be treated better at work or to get better jobs. For her for employment. A job, at Goodwill. Godly mate , she is a widow. Her and her brother to be healed of diabetes. cholesterol and blood pressure. Friend's healing physically from Copd, asthma, high blood pressure. dental needs, food, transportation, For her good report at eye doctors and foot doctor

  • Prayer Request

    Prayer for children using substance, praying that this is not a habit. Older sister housing them and she is not using.

  • Pray for those attacking me

    Pray for relief from those attacking me. Pray for safety; protection as well as finances. Asking for a new apartment as well.

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