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  • I am struggling with my faith.

    I have had bipolar disorder since I was 27. I am 59 now. It has been a incredibly difficult for me. I have the LORD's presence in intimate ways but the church has failed me and I want to give up on the church.Please pray for me . I don't know what to do.

  • sister

    Please remember my sister in prayer.. She has to give a deposition tomorrow and she is very anxious and worried about it..pray for boldness and strength to get through it without getting upset and crying.

  • Need a miracle

    Please pray that Migdalia lungs, heart and legs be healed. Pray that her heart rate and blood pressure return to healthy normal range. Pray that she be healed of graft vs host disease and her blood clots be healed. Pray that she get good news from her blood tests and the tests of her lungs and heart. Pray that she get her appetite and motivation back. Pray she get stronger and be self-reliant and independent again.

  • Spiritual Warfare

    I need help in praying for peace for myself. I have been suffering with bad thoughts and anxiety. Sometimes I'm afraid I will go crazy. I know this is not of God and i have been praying and reading the word and I know prayer is powerful especially when two or more are gathered in His name. Please pray for me I cannot do this alone.

  • Cleansing sin of mine

    Please pray fervently and sincerely with myself and my other brothers and sisters in Christ that the Father cleanse me of my arguing and disagreeing with God also and being at times God's critic. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Struggling

    I've been struggling with lust and pornography and am in need of freedom. Pray that God would help me to resist satan and help me with accountability so I can walk in righteousness. Finally, pray that my love for God would be restored and that I would truly know His love.

  • Prayer

    Just need some prayer support..I am thankful for all of Gods gifts..just some days are hard...

  • fear an torment

    i am saved.I suffer with fear and worry and anxiety and paranoia,i get paranoid of people and being around people and i get paranoid about many things and i worry alot so please pray jesus will remove the fear and replace it with his love and peace and comfort and also i am tormented in my mind by evil spirits with thoughts and voices,please pray my freedom and protection from these evil spirits and pray jesus will drive these demons out of my mind and out of my life and pray jesus will give me peace of mind and that my mind will have relief from these attacks.thankyou

  • Permanent posting

    Five days before I am joining as a branch manager in SBI Bank in chilakaluripet town. Now that's Bank will merging with other SBI branch in chilakaluripet town. After merging I want to continue my posting in that branch also. Please pray for my posting. I don't want to transfer. This is very urgent request.

  • Pray for my Joy

    Pray that day by day i will have energy, and joy, and be filled with God's holy spirit and have strength to overcome these trials and temptations My name is Jeremy thank you so much

  • Prayer

    I would like to get an apartment of my own and not live in the nursing home any more. Prayer for healing and health for her breathing.

  • Please pray for my dad's salvation

    My dad is fallen to a false doctrine ( reincarnation) he gets angered when i discuss the truth with him much of the time although he does enjoy reading exodus as he believes it to likely be just a story. There are certainly demons at play in his insistance on the false doctrine. Please pray i beg of you, for his delieverance from this false doctrine and for God to rebuke the demons causing him to have anger towards God.Please pray that he will keep reading the Bible with him and my mom. And pray that in due time he will believe in Salvation through Jesus Christ his name is Richard thank you so much

  • Lost Soul

    My sister and I have both been baptized in our early years ( we are both in late 40's now ), but my sister has been through tough times when our father left us when we were just becoming teens. She took it hard, so it has seem she been looking for something to comfort her pain of being left. She has been into numerous groups where their beliefs are about inner peace, inner voice, tree of knowledge not the spirit. I tell her all what My Lord and Savior has done for me. She says she don't look at what God has done for her, but just know God loves her. She just needs some extra prayers to get her back on this side of the fence rather sitting on the fence and allowing satan to intice her to his side cause she is in question.

  • personal prayer

    please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

  • prayer request-deliverance from active addiction

    Need as many prayers as possible in regards to being delivered from active addiction so i can gey my priorities straight and become the women the lord ment for me to be

  • Prayer

    Prayer for the devil to leave me and my family alone. He has been trying to destroy us but I believe in power of prayer amen.

  • Prayer

    Prayer for healing and finances. Prayer for favor with a new relationship and wisdom.

  • Health

    My sister Nellie has been seriouly ill for some time. Doctors have no answers. Her symptons: liver.kidney. stomach.lungs. heart problems. Little muscle mass, can't keep down food nor meds.

  • Ms.

    Abba in the name of JESUS I touch/agree as I believe/ask/command! in Jesus name that all feelings of being Inadequate, Inferior, Insecure, all anxiety, fears and intellectual idolatry in Kevin, LaToya, Emilio, Chris, Andre', Brianna, Eddie/family being removed! cast into the sea! cover and arrested in the blood of JESUS!, In the name of Jesus I command your beloved children LIVE, WALK and REST in all the finish works of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

  • Healing

    Prayers requested. I went by and got to see auntie Vivian and uncle Dante today. Auntie Vivian has stage 4 cancer and has completed chemotherapy. She looks really good is coherent and talking like usual. I can only hope and pray God has spared her life through this awful ordeal. Prayers also for Pastor Alaine who's father passed away. Thanks

Praise Reports


Praise Reports

  • I am so thankful for what God has done for me in my life.. He gave me a good up bringing, a wonderful family, an education, a good job, a home, groceries on the table..there's been struggles, trials, ever day..but some how, some way God finds a way.. Might not always be what you wanted or expected but its his way..God answered prayers.. I just want to shout..Hallelujah!! God is good..

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