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  • No Peace in Home

    My prayer is that GOD will find the person staying in my home with a place to live. She has become a disruption to the peace in my home causing me stress and anxiety with her explosive behavior.

  • Healing

    Prayer for daughter Becky heal her. Amen.

  • Prayer

    Prayer for healing and finances also for salvation for her children for deliverance from alcohol for her son.

  • Job Issues

    Please pray for protection from and favor with enemies and that their plans would be thwarted. Spiritual and physical strength to endure trials and to do my job. Need a full-time job and other opportunities for income. Confirmation about starting a business. A heart of love and compassion for people and greater grace. Healing for my dad from colon cancer and salvation for loved ones. Thank you!

  • Healing

    my granddaughter has been fighting Leukemia , she had a bone marrow transplant last February,she relapsed & is in the hospital in picu, her lungs have fluid (they have put drain tube in each lung) fevers, inflammation,immune system was low, they are giving her steroids & stopped some chemo...please pray for her complete healing

  • healing & finances

    I thank the Lord for the tremendous healing received! Please pray for my complete physical healing esp my eyes & ears & financial blessing in Jesus name, Amen! Lord pls answer the desperate prayers of your orphan child in your post holy name, Amen!

  • Prayer

    Mom for healing of pneumonia. Prayer for finances.



  • Prayer Request for Marriage

    My name is Jijo from Kerala, I am Requesting all your prayer for my brothers marriage, as he is now 32 years old. We are not settled till now. So Kindly i request you to pray for us, for the break through in our life before October 2017. As this year is so crucial for us, we are desperately waiting for a financial break through .Requesting all your prayer ..

  • Dad- CT Scan for Cancer

    Please pray for my Dad on Friday June 23rd he will be having a CT Scan this is a test for cancer. Please pray for us that we will get good results and no new areas that they will not glow. Please Jesus touch my Dad and bless his body that he will be in remission and he will get good news. Thank you all for praying for us.

  • Need Miracle Deliverance and Healing Physically and Emotionally - Also Wisdom on What to Do

    I'm in a series of urgent & hurtful challenges. I pray for clarity to know what to do and where to live. I pray for the right home or series of homes. For healing of the medical issues. For urgent help for my businesses to bring in money, prosperity and peace about it. Protection from the work colleague who has been trying to cheat me. Also, wisdom to know what to do for the lives depending upon me and the right next steps for my life. I desperately need help and finances. And for comfort and peace because I am feeling heartbroken and overwhelmed. Thanks!

  • My Only Son

    Protection prayers please for my son who is incarcerated. Prayers for his 12 year old son who is forced to grow up without his father due to many lirs told on the stand in his case. May God have mercy and turn the situation around. Msy God see fit to grant my soh his freedeom before I , his mom, leave this earth. In Jesus' Name we do pray. AMEN.

  • I have 2 sons in the Navy that need to remember who God is in this dark world!

    Please pray for my oldest son who is serving in the military for 9 years now! He says he doesn't believe anymore and my heart is broke! I pray all the time for him and I know God hears me and I trust him to answer in his time! His name is Steven and he has been in for 9 years! My youngest son Johnathan who has been in 5 years and has a stronge faith but his job is very dangerous and stressful so he needs prayer to stay strong and remember why god has called him to do this job! I love to watch In Touching lives as much as I can. It has helped me so much in my relationship with Christ! Thank you for all you do!

  • Pride

    Pray for the Christian spirit of love and reconsiliation, forgiveness, healing in my marriage. As a testimony of God's power in a broken marriage. Thank you.

  • Oppression

    Please pray for me, Breanna, to overcome all oppressive forces. Thank you, may He bless you with 1000 fold returns!

  • Protection

    I need God's protection fully over me in all ways and protected against any of Satan's attacks. I need God's will for my life and Christ to take control. Thank you

  • Prayer for Recovery and Healing

    I will be undergoing surgery on July 3rd to remove a pineal gland tumor located in the brain. Asking for prayers to guide my neurosurgeon and his staff for a successful surgery and healing to my pain. In Jesus's name, I pray.

  • Prayers for my son, Jared

    Jared has been battling drug addiction for years. I ask for prayers that Jared will open his heart and accept Jesus Christ as his savior, accept God's healing to his addiction, and pray he will become the best father he can be to his daughter thru Christ our Lord and Savior. Please pray for my son.

  • Perfect Peace in Jesus

    Help me through this situation, provide a hedge of protection, and financial blessing and a healing miracle. All things are possible through Jesus Christ Our Lord

  • Work

    I am having struggle with issues at work. A lot of things I have yet to learn but not enough time left for anyone to teach me. Am off training and still need some more guidance. I need to succeed for a set goal. I am not that young either at 55 and need to retire soon for my aging mom and now sick husband. They need my time too. I pray for an opportunity to serve them also. My mom is 85y needing me and my husband 65y.pls pray for me.

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