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  • My Daughter Needs Prayer

    My daughter has been rejected by her father and feels that no one loves her. She has lots of pain from her childhood and needs deliverance. Her world is falling apart and does not want to go on living. My grandchildren are suffering the consequences of her painful past, which sometimes is directed at them. Her father yelled at her a lot and now she also yells at her children. In spite of her childhood pain, she is a good mother and does all she can for my grandchildren. She has never hit them but doesn't have the patience when they don't listen and are fighting with each other and that's when she yells at them. My grandson is 11 and my granddaughter is 9. They also need lots of prayer!! Thank you

  • keeping vows

    keep personal vows that I made earlier today

  • Critical Condition Brain Aneurysm

    Our friend is in a Columbus Ohio Hospital suffering from a Brain Aneurysm, stoke and several complications. Many prayer request for God to move with his amazing grace. Request prayers for her, her husband and daughter and family. Please add them to your prayer list.

    God Bless.

  • Lost Job

    After more than 31 years at one company, I was let go. My wife and I had two sons in a private Christian College at the time. We continued to pay for their education and mission trips. Our oldest went on to receive. A Master in Divinity and Counseling from NOBS. Now we are living day to day and praying daily for work. We continue to serve our church, but it ways heavily on us when we can’t tithe like we should. We have found temporary work all across the country and have excepted every opportunity. Now we need to stay close to home to attend our aging parents. Pray that I find work soon.

  • Financial blessing

    Prayer for financial blessing to pay bills. Cover family in prayer for salvation. The enemy keeps coming and battling with the enemy. Prayer to be closer and to stop smoking.

  • Friend accept Jesus as saviour.

    I have a friend who needs to understand that he can have the ASSURANCE of eternal life by simply accepting Jesus, specifically that "once saved, always saved". He says his father hated him and that he was raped by an uncle as a child. He is a very smart and good person. And I firmly believe God has put him in my life for this reason. Please help me help him by praying. Pray for his salvation and that he can become involved in a good church family.

  • Stress

    Set free from making stressful choices

  • Amputation

    My dad watches your sermons every Sunday Mr. James Merritt. He is 86 and had some horrible malpractice last February. He is very active, broke his leg in a calf roping accident. The Doctor did everything wrong, the doctor that fixed it lied to us and told us he didn't have bone infection. We have been deceived by many Doctor's just taking advantage of him and raking in the money. He is know scheduled for surgery Wednesday, January 17th to amputate below the knee. He is devastated and is asking for a miracle. I am asking he makes it through the surgery and will be able to walk again with a prosthetic leg. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all.

  • Need God's grace

    I strayed far, far away from my heavenly father. I am so sorry for all of the sins I committed. I know that the Lord has forgiven me, but I need to learn to live my life in a Christian way.

    I have prayed to God for many things in recent months and am grateful for his intervention. I pray for his continued guidance and help in what is a terrible situation resulting from sickness and my sins. I need a miracle.


  • Needs Husband

    Needs to meet a good man and move out of bad neighbor hood

  • My son and granddaughters

    Please pray that their relationship will heal. My son has walked away because he is hurt deeply by his divorce. In that process he has just within the last couple years separated himself from his daughters. They are nineteen and seventeen they are hurting because of this and as a result consider their step father their father. It didn't help that their mother had them call them daddy when they were young. There is so much more mean things towards my son. I pray that God will give him some peace and help him to get his life back. He has totally given up.

  • for me Evildoers are trying to hurt me

    Praying for protection over evil people who are trying to hurt me I plea the Blood of Jesus over my life in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  • Pray for my salvation

    Please pray for my protection and salvation.



  • 1952

    I have Diabetes mellitus and HIV and right now I can;t pay for my HIV treatment because the cost is too high.
    I watch your service every Sunday. If I don't get the treatment I need I will not live very long. I will appreciate
    if you keep me in your prayers.

    Thank you.

  • Prayer for salvation and relationships

    Please pray for my family, spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, for salvation and more love and peace in my relationships, and also a closer family unity, that those in my life will become closer and care more about me and my husband. My husband has started coming to church with me this past year, after 50 years of not attending church or being interested, prayer that God will speak to his heart and touch him and give him the desire to want to learn more, and for him to care about me and be kinder, he can be so harsh and unkind. Prayer for God to bring us all closer together. Prayer for direction for my life, we are retired, and I am seeking God's will for my life, a purpose and desire to please and serve the Lord, also about direction in relocating and selling and purchasing another home, where to go next, if that is in his plan. Also, to bring someone in our lives to help us and direct us, a new purpose to find what is next in my life and our lives. Thank you for your prayers. Appreciate it, God bless you all.

  • Prayer

    Please pray very sincerely and earnestly with me and my other brothers and sisters in Christ that God would cause me to have high respect for others and remove from me my critical spirit and also that I will walk humbly with God from now on in Jesus name, amen. Thank you.

  • Cancer

    Our son Alan has stage 4 cancer in both lungs along with other health issues.

  • Pray for Family

    Wife left and lost everything looking for guidance and comfort.

  • Prayers for My Husband

    I'm requesting prayer for my husband ( Joe ) and I. he had a stroke, back in September. He's doing better, but has some memory loss. I am his primary care giver and it's been very tiring , for me. I have diabetes and taking the medication. it has really bad side effects, to deal with. I have been dealing with severe nerve pain, because of the diabetes. Please pray for Joe and me, we love Jesus and are living for him. We believe, (don't know, for sure ), but need guidance, on Joe's retiring. Joe served his country for 34 years and is a decorated Viet Nam war hero, with a Purple Heart and Silver Star. He is a wonderful man, kind and loving, please pray for his healing. God bless your ministry.

Praise Reports


Praise Reports

  • Was in the hospital from March 4 to April 1, 2017. Someone paid the bill and she has a zero balance due.

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