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Welcome to the Pastors Edge Blog. Here, you will find insights developed from years of pastoral experience and tips derived from decades of trial and error. Our goal is to encourage you as a pastor and help you with your day-to-day ministry.

Many of these articles are written by our Senior Pastor, Dr. James Merritt, but we also have insightful writings from other ministers currently serving the church. If you have a topic you’d like us write about, by all means contact us today.

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18Nov 2017

Recently our church staff leadership has begun specific discussion on the issue of diversity. At some level every church must deal with how it will approach the racial makeup of the congregation. Some church leaders simply ignore the issue, which is, I believe, to the church’s ultimate detriment. Others accept racial change in their congregation, […]

16Nov 2017

In promoting herself, the church is first acting in obedience to Christ to make disciples, to tell others about Christ and to serve the world. What then is the goal of promotion in relation to these activities? We must know our goal if we are to be effective in using our resources to promote the […]

12Nov 2017

“What kind of pastor are you?” Have you ever considered that question deeply? In a church leadership role we all have preconceptions and ideas of what a pastor should be. Add to that the plethora of blogs and books and conferences (including this one) which proclaim constantly what a pastor ought to be. The fact […]

10Nov 2017

Many pastors believe in the essential importance of messages that are timely. That is, the Sunday teaching must approach ideas that are in the news, culture and church body today. This approach is widely reflected in the evangelical North American church—indeed even in the theming of message and series that Pastors Edge offers. From titles […]

08Nov 2017

One duty of the pastor in his preaching is to sometimes rebuke, or call the congregation to repentance and obedience. Most often this is not the focus of the entire sermon, but rather a portion of the message that helps lead the congregation from what the Word says to how we should respond as believers. […]

06Nov 2017

The cost of media resources in the North American marketplace has fallen dramatically–especially in the age of the web. Still, churches operate from very limited budgets, and media is rightly not as important an expense as the core ministry needs to which the church is instructed to carry out in Acts 2. Promotion is a […]