Message: “Her Name was Grace” from James Merritt

James Merritt - May 13, 2018

Her Name was Grace

There are 3 things you must do with this wonderful story from the book of Luke. First, you must see yourself the way you really are—a sinner in need of grace. Second, you must see others the way they are—no worse than you and no better than you, yet all needing grace. And thirdly, you must see Jesus the way He is—always full of grace and willing to provide you the grace you need to overcome your sin issues. Jesus made it abundantly plain that both lawmakers and lawbreakers are equally in need of grace and forgiveness.

Scripture References: Luke 7:36-50

From Series: "Balanced"

Some people lean hard into truth at the expense of grace while other people focus on grace at the expense of truth. Jesus said we are to be “full of grace AND truth”. (John 1:14) With Jesus, grace and truth are always in perfect balance--both in His words and His life on earth. He never shared grace at the expense of truth, and He never spoke truth at the expense of grace. He was perfectly balanced, and we are to follow His example.

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