Your New Life in Christ

Designed for new Christians, this series presents basic direction for beginning a new walk with the Lord.

24Oct 2016

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus called two fisherman, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, and said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (NASB) Through the ages, the same call has gone our to all those who put their faith in Jesus Christ. He reaches the lost today through faithful witnesses like yourself. […]

23Oct 2016

Growing in Christ is the task for every believer. In this blog post, three key aspects of Christian growth for the believer is outlined and discussed in detail. My prayer for you, as a new believer, is to study these three aspects and begin to put into practice these suggestions so you can live out […]

22Oct 2016

God’s word is clear in that He provides some very clear promises to His people. As a new believer, I would like to outline 2 key promises of God for you to carefully consider and fully accept. The Promise of Forgiveness You will find that learning to live the Christian life is like learning to […]

21Oct 2016

Congratulations! Surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and deciding to follow Him are the greatest steps you have ever taken! You have decided to allow Him to be your personal Lord and Savior. To know Jesus and to follow Him is to have eternal and abundant life. I rejoice in your decision! And speaking of […]