Real Answers to Tough Questions

Looking for biblically-based answers to life’s toughest questions? Dr. James Merritt presents straight-forward answers to tough questions using the timeless wisdom onky found in God’s Holy Word as his guide.

10Sep 2018

The Green-Eyed Monster Channelview, Texas is a neat, middle-class suburb of Houston. It is a typical bedroom community of nice homes, nice cars, and nice families. Like most family towns, sports events are popular here because they provide fun family time. Competition is fierce, no matter the sport, but in Channelview, the cheerleading competition reigns supreme. […]

20Oct 2016

Introduction Not long ago, I was vacationing along the panhandle of Florida. It was a picturesque day. The sun was beaming and I could hear the foamy waves lapping on the shore as I lay my head back. Soon, I began to doze. I had been asleep for no more than 10 minutes when I […]

20Sep 2016

Introduction I remember the day I met my beautiful bride, Teresa. I was a youth minister at youth camp on a college campus in North Georgia. Teresa was working in the college office. When she first looked at me, a whole army of butterflies marched through my insides. Her eyes, her hair, her smile- she […]

15Aug 2016

Introduction I don’t know if anyone in the world gets asked more life questions than a pastor. Lawyers get asked questions, mostly regarding legal matters. Doctors get asked a lot of questions, mostly regarding medical issues. Therapists get asked a lot of questions, mostly regarding mental stability. But pastors have a monopoly on questions regarding […]