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18Oct 2017

When I accepted my very first pastorate, at the tender age of twenty-three, it didn’t take me long to understand the two words that are constantly on the mind of any pastor and that is, “Sunday’s coming.”  It didn’t take me long to learn that study (and a lot of it) was going to be […]

16Oct 2017

In modern media-saturated culture, there’s a push from leading churches—especially larger churches—for a constant stream of teaching. Series follow series, with multiple emphases thrown in regarding various ministries for good measure. A few “attractional” sermons that draw a crowd, the in-depth series on a Bible book, the missions emphasis, family emphasis, practical series on finances, […]

14Oct 2017

I’ve pastored my church eighteen years. And I can tell you that even though I pastor in the buckle of the Bible Belt, reaching people today is different than it was eighteen years ago. When I first came to Georgia, you could lead somebody to Christ on Tuesday, they’d walk the aisle on Sunday, you […]

12Oct 2017

I’ve served at several churches over the years which have been through times of transition. Staff, direction or core ministry areas go through major change, and during that time, a significant number of people leave the church. Even in times of stability, the church gains and loses members regularly—prayerfully, gaining more than they lose over […]

10Oct 2017

Today’s culture is tremendously sensitive toward the word “tolerance”. When it comes to Christians and churches engaging in society, about the worst thing you could be seen as is “intolerant”. Christians are expected to tolerate behaviors, policies and lifestyles that differ from their own, in some ways so profoundly against foundational Christian beliefs that according […]

08Oct 2017

A communicator is in part a storyteller. The story you tell is the “package” into which your communication is placed. The content is what you want to say, the story is the way in which you say it. For the purposes of this article, I’m primarily talking about a story being promotional in nature for […]

06Oct 2017

A benediction is a short, concise statement given in the Bible in the form of a petition, an assurance, a promise or principle. Often it pronounces a divine blessing upon the recipient. The word benediction means “to say good, to voice good thoughts, to pronounce”. The reading aloud of a benediction at the conclusion of […]

04Oct 2017

Every pastor should have a preaching calendar, outlining in broad strokes what he plans to teach during a year or season in the life of his church. A calendar benefits the church staff and lay leadership, who must plan various emphases and ministries, often around and in conjunction with the Pastors’ teaching schedule. More than […]

02Oct 2017

In recent years, sermon series have become the standard method of preparation and teaching for many North American pastors. This style of teaching—several messages over 3-6 weeks on a common topic, theme or Bible book—has both cultural and practical foundations. Much of the content on Pastors Edge is offered in series format. Here are a […]

30Sep 2017

I’m writing this entry at the height of the college football season. I live in a city with an NFL team, but frankly there’s nothing quite like the fan frenzy created by college football in North America. I guess it’s closest kin elsewhere in the world would be soccer. It’s humorous to observe those in […]