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08Nov 2017

One duty of the pastor in his preaching is to sometimes rebuke, or call the congregation to repentance and obedience. Most often this is not the focus of the entire sermon, but rather a portion of the message that helps lead the congregation from what the Word says to how we should respond as believers. […]

06Nov 2017

The cost of media resources in the North American marketplace has fallen dramatically–especially in the age of the web. Still, churches operate from very limited budgets, and media is rightly not as important an expense as the core ministry needs to which the church is instructed to carry out in Acts 2. Promotion is a […]

04Nov 2017

Recently our staff under the leadership of Dr. Merritt began a new practice at our church which has really changed our hearts and attitudes when it comes to prayer. We began meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays to pray over our church. First our senior staff gathers at our lobby Welcome Desk to pray together, […]

02Nov 2017

As a leader, a Pastor will seek out other leaders from which to learn and grow. Most pastors have several key influences in their lives. These personal heroes may also be personal relationships. Often, though, there are several influencers who are more nationally-known figures—prominent pastors and Christian leaders who speak and write regularly, and whose […]

30Oct 2017

James Merritt says that the introduction to a message is among the most important elements of your sermon preparation. Listeners are going to decide in the first 30-60 seconds whether to tune in or tune out what you are saying. Seldom does a pastor capture his audience later on if his introduction is weak. What makes […]

28Oct 2017

Promo cards. Create promotional postcards to hand out and mail, several weeks in advance of the message series. Insert a promo card in each weekend bulletin, and encourage your congregation to hand the card to a friend and invite them to worship. Have ushers hand a card to each person as they leave the building. […]

26Oct 2017

We have all heard Jesus’ words quoted and misquoted a thousand times: “For where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst” (Matthew 18:20). But can two or three gather together if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away? Can multiple believers fully and truly commune with […]

24Oct 2017

With the commercialization of Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, you’d think non-Christian holidays would be easy to skip. But dates like Valentine’s Day and Halloween unfortunately demand some treatment by the church. Either we ignore them, embrace them or sidestep them, but that decision will have a consequence no matter which path we choose […]

22Oct 2017

Recently I led a small group study on other religions. During one week of the study, I gave an overview of Islam, and a friend was kind enough to loan me a copy of the Quran to review and use in our discussion. As she handed me the book, she said, “Be sure not to […]

20Oct 2017

We’re often asked how we name and theme message series with Dr. Merritt. At his church, it’s a team approach. The Pastor details where God is leading him to preach, often with specific passages and key sermon points given to the planning team. Then, it’s our job to wrap the message or series in a […]