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24Jun 2017

The buzz word in today’s world is not just preaching, but it is communicating. I think this is important because, though not all communicating is preaching, all preaching is communicating. There are four keys to effect communication. Confidence All preaching should exhibit absolute, unequivocal, confidence in the Bible as the Word of God. A great […]

20Jun 2017

A pastor’s words from the pulpit can often be divisive and sharp—and not necessarily in tone or delivery. Preaching requires standing on God’s Word, revealing weakness and sin, and calling out for obedience or repentance. Sometimes, thought, the controversy is less clear-cut. In our minds we’ll ask “What would Jesus do?” to try to bring […]

16Jun 2017

When teaching week after week it’s possible to lose a sense of direction when it comes to our preaching, the Gospel and moving the church in a clear and intentional path from the pulpit. Step back and try this exercise to get a little perspective: If this Sunday were the last sermon you ever preached, […]

14Jun 2017

Here are ten books Dr. Merritt recommends every Pastor read: Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem He Is Not Silent by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. Knowing God by J. I. Packer The Gospel According To Jesus by John MacArthur Good To Great by Jim Collins God, Revelation And Authority by Carl F. H. Henry The Cross […]

12Jun 2017

From blockbuster movies to Broadway plays, most presentations come down to three “acts”. Act 1 is the introduction. Where did this come from? You can probably thank Aristotle who put forth the idea that “A whole is what has a beginning, middle and end”. Now the drama people will clearly tell you that a dramatic […]

10Jun 2017

A confession to begin this article: I am not a pastor. I have worked for some excellent ones, and I have observed many, many more over the years. In communications roles in churches I have spoken with scores of pastors and other church leaders to help them solve interesting communications issues. I think pastors are […]

08Jun 2017

“Relevant” is word that is thrown around often in church circles. It’s applied to everything from music to sermons to attire to the color of the carpet. It’s discussed, chased after, evaluated against and held up as a prized goal. And it’s simply destroying our churches. Relevance, that desire among church leaders that our worship, […]

06Jun 2017

What if it were possible that your preaching is spot-on. You are prayed up and prepared. You are in tune with God’s Spirit and teaching from His Word in a way that captures attention and is used by God to draw people toward Himself. What if all this is true—yet through no fault of your […]

04Jun 2017

In many congregations, the pastor is looked to as the person to go to in order to resolve conflict between individuals or groups within the church. It reminds me of the judges of the Old Testament—just go to the Pastor and he’ll pronounce who is right and who is wrong. The problem is, in the […]

02Jun 2017

The Bible, from cover to cover, answers the question, “Who is this Jesus?” In the Old Testament: In Genesis, He is the Creator God. In Exodus, He is the Redeemer. In Leviticus, He is your sanctification. In Numbers, He is your guide. In Deuteronomy, He is your teacher. In Joshua, He is the mighty conqueror. […]