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16Aug 2017

To the deacon, elder, or other church leader, This is the lengthy letter your pastor wishes he could write to you, but has neither the graceful words, nor the inclination to put his relationship with you in jeopardy, by telling you these things you ought to know. However it found your way into your hands, […]

14Aug 2017

In Christian denominations that allow pastoral marriage, the relationship between the pastor and his spouse is important to the health of the church. Denominations that do not allow marriage and consecrate the pastor to the church have a great tradition and there is some benefit to this practice. Too often we see infidelity, dishonesty and […]

12Aug 2017

To be imaginative and original in ministry, we have to continually cross the barrier of failure. The church is blessed with a wealth of ideas and resources. Yet it is often the fear of failure that keeps us from trying something completely new. I’m not talking here about moral failure or a failure involving sin–there […]

10Aug 2017

The painters on the Golden Gate Bridge are constantly painting. They start at one end, and over a period of months, move to the other. When they get to the other end, where they began needs to be painted again. So they move back and start over. On and on, year after year, they paint […]

08Aug 2017

One of the privileges I have at Pastors Edge is conversing with many bivocational pastors. The time and ministry challenges of bivocational ministry make Pastors Edge resources a good fit for their limited study time. Beginning with a sermon or series idea and adjustment or expanding for a particular congregation is a way to bring […]

06Aug 2017

I’m a bit of a social media junkie. In the context of my job supporting our ministry communications, I deal with social media daily. Several years ago when I dove headfirst into social media for our church, I embraced it as a new avenue of communication where we should certainly be broadcasting information. Largely social […]

04Aug 2017

Most of the time we expect and plan for preaching to be in a lecture or master-teacher format. The pastor speaks, the congregation listens and takes notes. For even the most dynamic preachers, however, the same format each and every week can bore the congregation as well as the pastor. What if instead, from time […]

02Aug 2017

Every pastor deals with the issue of difficult members at some point. There are no perfect people or perfect leaders. By difficult members, I refer to leaders in lay ministry who, through experience and time, may have come to the point they believe their leadership and opinions supercede that of the established church leadership structure. […]

30Jul 2017

A recent article to European church leaders suggested that no sermon should be longer than 18 minutes—the maximum length of time, the author suggested, that any pastor could hold the attention of his congregation. We live in a sound-bite age,  and so it’s somewhat natural to think about packaging a message in a very short […]