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26Apr 2017

When I began my years at Southern Seminary I had an Old Testament professor by the name of Dr. Page Kelly. In the very first class he began to talk about a filing system. I didn’t know what a filing system was, but he said something that made me want to have one as quickly […]

24Apr 2017

Just before Easter in 2007, I cozied up on my couch to watch James Cameron’s highly publicized Discovery Channel documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus. The makers of the film claimed that in 1980 an Israeli construction crew had uncovered the remains of Jesus Christ and his family outside of Jerusalem. The lynchpin of the […]

22Apr 2017

Often we assume that the pastor is the go-to person for counseling in the church. After all he likely possesses the most biblical knowledge in the congregation since he teaches from the pulpit each week. Naturally if you have a life issue you are dealing with, it’s a good idea to sit down with the […]

20Apr 2017

The most important thing that occurs when churches gather for corporate worship is Bible teaching. Other elements lead up to this time, and our understanding of and obedience to the Word is the result of the cycle of revelation and response of corporate worship. Communications and other secondary church ministries can creatively support the Sunday […]

16Apr 2017

There’s one piece of technology that can get between the pastor and his congregation and either make or break the teaching time, and that’s the sound system. The pastor’s interface with the sound system is the microphone and the sound person. Now, as someone who has worked with many great technical ministry teams over the […]

12Apr 2017

A sermon should be a balance between teaching and application. Your giftedness as a preacher often will lean toward one or the other. Also, over time, a pastor’s emphasis in his teaching will also shift. Many pastors begin their careers teaching Scripture with little application, only to move more toward emphasizing application in their later […]

11Apr 2017

(The fifth in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership)  It is without question one of, if not the most, difficult and yet important job of any leader. You will make mistakes in hiring staff. Over the years, I’ve tried to remember three principles in bringing people on to serve with me. Find […]

10Apr 2017

(The fourth in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership)  Conviction. The leader must know where he wants to go. He must have a clear vision of who he is, what God has called him to do and the determination to lead others to accomplish his vision and goals. Communication. The leader must effectively […]

09Apr 2017

(The third in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership)  A pastor’s leadership is both public and private. Public leadership is not management. The key to leading others is to recognize the difference between leading and managing. There is a huge difference. The reason why many pastors are not effective leaders is because they […]

08Apr 2017

(The second in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership) A pastor’s leadership is both public and private. There are some principles that you must put into practice, privately, on a daily basis, as you lead yourself if you are going to be an effective leader of others in public. Accept Your […]