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“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching…” Acts 2:42

What we know of the early Church, of those saved at Pentecost, around 3,000 people, and what became of them immediately afterward, is recorded in Acts 2. Beginning in verse 42 we see what the believers’ lives looked like. The very first words indicate that they, too, were disciples, learners, and students. They listened to, wrote down, and lived out the Apostles’ teaching. That teaching was likely the words of Jesus Himself, as recounted by those who closely followed Him for three years.

And the Bible tells us the believers were “devoted” to it. The Greek word for “devoted“ means, “to be strong and steadfast in a thing and give it unremitting care; to persevere.” So this was not a weekly Sunday School hour, or a devotional as you are reading right now. This was a deep commitment and constant effort on the part of believers to know the teachings of Jesus and to follow them.

This, too, is the best course for every new believer, as well as everyone who carries the name of Jesus. There is nothing more important than to know Jesus through His Word. It must be more than a “part of our lives.” It must be a daily pursuit. To be strong in the faith, we must be strong in the Word of God. In our current culture and political climate, the truth of the Bible is questioned by the outside world. It has been reduced to being viewed as a collection of moral stories, a book that is interesting reading, but that few really understand. And worse, teachings that  don’t speak to today’s thinking, and much less relevant to us now.

But none of that is true. The Bible is the revealed and holy Word of God. We do not make it relevant. The Bible is relevant. It is true. If we stray from it, then we are less relevant, and we have strayed from the truth. If we feel like we don’t know God as well as we should, then the solution is simple: devote ourselves to the Apostles’ teaching. Dig in to the word of God. Be persistent, study it daily. Live it out. When we are steadfast in the Word of God, our faith will be steadfast in the world God gave us.

God, thank You for giving us Your Word, the Bible. In today’s world it’s difficult sometimes to set aside time to study and know Your Word as I should. Help me to prioritize my time with You and my time in Your Word daily. As I learn from the pages of the Bible, help me to put Your Truth into action in my life daily. As the early church did, I ask your Holy Spirit to give me a steadfast pursuit of You and the knowledge of You through Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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