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“’…Peace to those on whom His favor rests.’” Luke 2:14

One of the greatest gifts that Christmas brings is the favor of God. There is another word that is more familiar to most of us than “favor.” That word is grace. At Christmas, we are given the two greatest gifts we could ever hope for – peace and grace. We are given peace with God, because of the grace of God.

There is nothing greater than laying your head down at night knowing that you are at peace with God and you are ready to meet Him. There is nothing like knowing you are under the grace of God and that His hand and favor rests on you, not because of what you have done for Him, but because of what He has done for you through that little baby that was born 2,000 years ago.

Have you ever seen one of those car dealership commercials that says, “Anybody can buy a car here!” If you look closely there is an asterisk next to that statement at the bottom of the screen. That asterisk as three letters beside it, “W.A.C.” Do you know what W.A.C. stands for? With Approved Credit! In other words, you can buy a car if you meet the qualifications, make it through the approval process, and if you have enough money to cover the bill.

What those angels told us at Christmas was that anybody could come to God. All you have to do is what the shepherds and wise men did – accept God’s grace that comes through the Prince of Peace, whose name is Jesus.

Application: Have you accepted the grace of God through the Prince of Peace?


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