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“For in this tent we groan, longing to put on our heavenly dwelling.” 2 Corinthians 5:2

This is the big question: When our heart takes its last beat, when our lungs take their last breath, when your eyes see no more, and your ears hear no more and your mouth speaks no more, at that moment…what happens? The truth is that two things happen. One happens immediately and the other happens ultimately. Today I am going to focus on the ultimate. Ultimately, all who have believed in Jesus Christ will have a brand new resurrection body.

It is going to be a completely different body than what we have now. Here, our body is an earthly house. There it will be an eternal home. This body is mortal; but that body will be immortal. This body is vulnerable; but that body will be invincible. This body can get sick and die; but that body will be forever healthy and alive.

This new body is not going to be conceived by man and woman, but by God. It is not going to be a natural body, but instead a supernatural one. It will not be subject to physical laws; it will be subject to heavenly laws, which means it will no longer be bound in the chains of mortality. Sin cannot corrupt it; and death cannot kill it.

Can you imagine a body where there is no need for doctors because it will always be healthy? No need for exercise because it will always be strong? No need for medicine because it will always be well? No need for beds because it will always be rested? Can you imagine such a body?

I realize I may have created more questions than answers. I cannot tell you what these new bodies will look or feel like. I cannot tell you how old they will appear to be. All I know is that we will be totally satisfied. There will be no self-doubt or poor self-esteem. These new bodies will be made by God and will be absolute perfect.

Application: Do you long for the day when you will be delivered from this body of sin?


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