Your Spirit. God lives in you through His Spirit. What is His Spirit saying to you? What convicts or burdens you this week? What has resonated with you during your daily prayer time? What people have spoken into your life this week, and what did they tell you? Your personal prayer journal is an excellent place to begin your preaching preparation.

God’s Word. Your Bible study time is a primary driver for preaching study. Be sure to read God’s Word for pleasure and personal gain outside of preaching preparation. Where are you in the Word this week, and how is that influencing your life and the lives of those close to you?

Man’s Character. We are all sinful men. Every day we interact with liars, thieves, adulterers, murderers, the hateful, the ethically-challenged, and agnostics. The challenges of man make a great launching point for teaching. How can you speak into the lives of men to influence them toward Christ?

Creation’s Activity. Your environment can feed teaching topics. What is happening in your community, city and country? What are sources of conflict or need around the world? Have natural disasters or humanitarian needs come to the forefront this week?

The Nations’ Actions. Current events and issues can often be addressed from the pulpit. Stay away from the overly-political aspects of an issue and address it from a biblical perspective? What social issues are you faced with locally? What does God’s Word say about it? Where the Bible is silent on a specific topic, what can you derive from the Word about a Christ-like attitude or response?


Author: Eugene Mason, Communications Director for Cross Pointe Church under the leadership of Dr. James Merritt


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