“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

 One of the ways that we profess our faith in Jesus and demonstrate that our hope is in Jesus is by gathering together in worship as a church family. The author of Hebrews is specific. He says in verse 23 that as believers we literally profess our hope when we gather in worship. The word “unswervingly” in this verse means, “staying in the path; not going off to one side or the other.” The exhortation here is to remain committed to the church and not to leave.

Do you understand what you are saying when you involve yourself in a local church? You are saying to a world full of guilt, in Jesus there is hope for forgiveness. To a world full of death, you are saying in Jesus, there is hope for life. To a world full of hurt, you are saying in Jesus, there is hope for healing. To a world full of war, you are saying in Jesus, there is hope for peace. To a world full of hatred, you are saying in Jesus, there is hope for love. To a world full of brokenness, in Jesus, there is hope for grace. We know that the hope we have in Christ will never be disappointed or fruitless, because God is faithful.

We ought to be faithful to come to the church of God because the God of the church is faithful to us. Every time we gather together, we are confessing to each other – and to the world – that our hope is in a God who is faithful, who will never fail us, who keeps every promise, who fulfills every word, who meets every need, who works everything out for our good and for His glory…and the world needs to hear and see that hope.

Application: Are you holding unswervingly to the hope you profess in Christ?

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